Healthy Relationships 2021

Healthy Relationships 2021,It’s safe to be honest. In an abusive system, vulnerability is dangerous. It’s considered a weakness, which acts as an invitation for more mistreatment. Abusive people feel a surge of power when they discover a weakness. They exploit it, using it to gain more power. Crying or complaining confirms that they’ve poked you in the right spot.” Christina Enevoldsen, The Rescued Soul: The Writing Journey for the Healing of Incest and Family Betrayal

Healthy Relationships 2021

healthy relationship needs far more than just love, we are living in this world,and except that everyone treat us with love , so here we discus about healthy relationship.

Healthy Relationships 2021

 Danny Silk says that “make an agreement to exercise mutual control over each other. The unspoken pact between them is, “It’s my job to make you happy, and your job to make me happy. And the best way to get you to work on my life is to act miserable. The more miserable I am, the more you will have to try to make me feel better.” Powerless people use various tactics, such as getting upset, withdrawing, nagging, ridiculing, pouting, crying, or getting angry, to pressure, manipulate, and punish one another into keeping this pact. However, this ongoing power play does nothing to make them happy and mitigate their anxiety in the long term.

In fact, their anxiety only escalates by continually affirming that they are not actually powerful. Any sense of love and safety they feel by gaining or surrendering control is tenuous and fleeting. A relational bond built on mutual control simply cannot produce anything remotely like safety, love, or trust. It can only produce more fear, pain, distrust, punishment, and misery. And when taken to an extreme, it produces things like domestic violence.”

love is not enough

Healthy Relationships Love is not enough When you’re in a relationship, you don’t care much about other things. In true love, love is everything. And when the relationship begins to deepen, then the nature of man begins to know each other. This is the most important aspect of the relationship. It is not only love that is needed to live life, you must also learn some things when you are in relationship.

Healthy Relationships 2021
Healthy Relationships 2021

1.If someone wants to be with you, they will be with you,

2.If someone is not serious about your relationship, they will test you. He will deeply express his feelings for you. Will make you a companion without any announcement. And he will always say that this is not the right time for official announcement,

3.when the right person not meet you it is never be the right time.

4.When you meet a right person, you do not feel the passage of time. Your first task is to strive to include this person in your life. And that is the purpose of your life,

5.It is reality a good relationship is that it makes you more yourself than ever before. It makes you more confident, clear, honest and self-assured than you can ever remember feeling.

6.It makes you more sensitive. and you can feel it when you have children’s wants your love during when they cry.

7.Love not look the way you thought it would.

8. Love feel different than you imagined it could.

9.right person will respect themselves enough to demand respect from you.

10.When you are completely in love, love makes you very strong, it is love that saves you.

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